Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia

Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia

Wild Georgia Shrimp

Fresh Caviar!


The Past...

Howell Boone's family has been in the Seafood Business for three generations, shrimping with their own boats, processing the catch at their docks on the river in Darien, Georgia, about 65 miles south of Savannah. Howell started his company, Walter's Caviar, in 1980. The Atlantic Sturgeon fishing has been closed for a few years, so they have been selling caviar from one of the very best wild-caught sturgeon, called Hackle-Back Sturgeon.

The Present...
We've made changes to the way we fish and, as you may have noticed, to our website.

We also want to let you know that this past March the Food Network Channel did a story on Walter's Caviar & Seafood. The story was about shrimp and a new product for our company - jellyfish! You will find a clip on this site that will lead you to the story.

Another story about Walter's Caviar on the Food Network Channel is in production for next season. One thing that will not change is our efforts to bring you the best products we can make!

Wild Georgia Shrimp...

Most succulent of all the shrimp in the world, our Fresh Wild Georgia shrimp are caught daily with turtle-safe nets just off the white sandy beaches of the Georgia Coast. Walter's Caviar will ship fresh Georgia shrimp direct to you. Depending on seasonal availability, the shrimp may also be ship IQF or fresh frozen. Don't miss the boat - order Wild Georgia White Shrimp!

Jelly Balls...
Jellyfish represent a new crop for Boone Seafood...supplying a huge demand in Asia for cannonball jellyfish, or "Jelly Balls." Eating dried jellyfish is highly nutritious - as one of Asia's most popular foods they are are served dried and chopped into small pieces and boiled to add a crunchy texture and remove salt. Their health benefits are that they contain a lot of calcium binding proteins which can help improve memory and help to fight age related cognitive decline. Dried jellyfish contain collagen which may be helpful for the treatment of arthritis as well as used in many beauty products. The jellyfish is mostly protein and water meaning that it is a very lean source of amino acids with very few carbohydrates or fats, making it the perfect diet food.

Click for Jelly Fish - As seen on "Rebel Eats"

Click for Food Network Listing - "Rebel Eats" Website

"Technology Development of the Nets..

The technology developed to release jellyfish from the shrimp nets in the 1950s and 1960s was modified in the 1980s to prevent sea turtles from being trapped in the shrimp nets. The devices are called TEDs (Turtle Excluder Devices). The US Coast Guard reports that Georgia Shrimpers have a 99% compliance rate with the federal regulation requiring the use of the TEDs.

"Cooperative Effect..

In the 1990s shrimpers designed an environmentally-friendly By-catch Reduction Device (BRD) to allow small fish to escape their nets. Continuous modifications of the TEDs have resulted in releasing other by-catch species as well.

Shrimp naturally thrive in Georgia waters, and their presence has influenced a way of life. Wild Georgia Shrimp are pulled directly from their natural environment, delivered to the dock, then to your table. They meet strict U.S. environmental and food regulation standards and they're certified to assure quality.

"Have You Been Tricked?..

Sitting at a table overlooking the water, you order shrimp skewers. After all, the shrimp boats are right at the dock. You're probably eating their catch, right? NOT NECESSARILY!

85% of the shrimp eaten in the U.S. is imported, and most likely pond-raised. Look for the Wild Georgia Shrimp logo certification to be sure. Support our local shrimping industry!

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Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia
Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia
Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia