Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia

Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia

"Frequently Asked Questions"

We Specialize in Caviar
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How much caviar should I buy?

Buy only what you are planning to serve. Keep unopened tins in your refrigerator up to ten days. Open tins of caviar should not be held in the refrigerator longer than three days.

What's the best way to serve caviar?
Place your tin of fresh caviar in a shallow bowl of crushed ice. Use a mother-of-pearl spoon when servicing caviar. Avoid sterling silver because it will impart a metalic taste and discolor the silver.

What should I serve with my caviar?
Caviar is best served simply. We suggest toast points or potatoes. Caviar is often partnered with vodka or champaigne. Americans have often served caviar with crackers, eggs and onions. This was usually done to mask the flavor of an inferior product. You won't want to cover the flavor of our caviar!

What is the nutritional value of caviar?
Caviar contains 47 vitamins and minerals. Caviar has 68 grams of fat per pound, and 74 calories per ounce.

Is seafood inspected for safety?
Yes, our facility is inspected by both federal and state inspectors and we operate under a HACCP Program which has been in existence since August 1997.

Why is Beluga caviar so expensive?
It is the rarest sturgeon species in the Caspian Sea. It takes, on average, 20 years to produce eggs.

Is shrimp bad for my cholesterol?
No. In a study by a Harvard School of Public Health, it was found a diet with a lot of steamed shrimp did not raise bad cholesterol levels. These results are in the Nov. '96 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Shrimp contain high amounts of Omega 3, which raises good cholesterol.

Do you sell Turtle-Safe shrimp?
Yes. We take part in Earth Island Institute's Safe Turtle Program. This is the same group that started the dolphin safe tuna campaign in the '70s and '80s. Georgia shrimpers have a long history of doing the right thing when it comes to the environment. Georgia has over a hundred boat owners that comply with federal and state TED (Turtle Excluder Devices) regulations. Teds are trap doors in shrimp nets that allow turtles to escape safely from the nets.
Many imported shrimp come from farm ponds which may not directly kill sea turtles, but do harm to the environment in other ways. Only wild shrimp caught in Teds are certified Turtle-Safe. Now you know you can help save sea turtles and eat your shrimp too!

Why should I buy Walter's Caviar & Seafood?
1) We offer high quality caviar and seafood.
2) We offer fast delivery.
3) We carefully pack every order.
4) We offer easy online service and an easy to remember web address.
5) We offer free recipes to use.
6) Customer Satisfaction.
7) Premium fresh shrimp, stugeon caviar, & IQF shrimp (Individually quick frozen)

How do I store IQF seafood?
We suggest trying to ship two or more seafood orders to help save on shipping costs. If you plan to store your IQF seafood to eat at a later date, leave the unused portion in its original bag, securing it with a twist tie. Then place it in a brown paper bag. For longer storage, double the brown paper bag and place in the freezer.

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Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia
Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia
Georgia Seafood Walter's Caviar Darien Georgia